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Voluntary changes beyond 24 hours

Voluntary change is when the traveler decides to change a valid trip that was not affected by a major schedule change or airline cancellation. All change requests initiated by the passenger, regardless of the reason, are considered voluntary changes.

We’ll provide the requested change based on the exchange policy of the fare and support bundles you’ve purchased and only if you meet and agree with the following conditions:

  • All applicable penalties are calculated per ticket and must be covered by the passenger
  • The changes should be requested at least 24 hours before the departure
  • The current seat availability allows seat selection for the desired dates
  • There is no chargeback process initiated with the credit card company or any other ongoing disputes
  • None of the points mentioned in “Restricted Changes” (see below) applies to your booking

 Restricted Changes 

  • You purchased a non-exchangeable ticket
  • You didn’t show up for the flight, didn’t board a plane after the check-in process, you were denied boarding, or your tickets were suspended or taken under the airline’s control
  • Your ticket was fully used
  • You made changes to the flight directly with the airline company
  • There’s no balance left, according to the calculation
  • You initiated the request after your ticket validity expiration

Note:  Passengers should apply for the exchange within 12 months since the purchase was made or as specified by the rules of the fare used.

Modifications such as change of passenger, change of departure or destination airport, change of country, change of the airline company are restricted. Change of name is considered a different procedure and for this, please refer to our article “Name Correction”.

Costs involved in the ticket exchange process

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