Booking a flight in a few steps

At Wowfare, we are committed to making the travel experience more affordable and comfortable. Follow the steps below to get the most competitive pricing on airline tickets.

  1. Visit and choose your travel details.  You can customize your search by choosing your origin and destination airports, departure date, trip type, the cabin of service, number, and type of travelers.
  2. Review the search results and leave your contact details.  Our Sales Expert will reach out to you and will offer multiple options to choose from: the cheapest, the fastest, and our favorite – a combination of the best price, duration, and carrier type.
  3. Proceed to book the trip. Insert the passengers’ information and accurate contact & billing details. The names of the travelers must fully match the government-issued ID intended to use during travel. Additionally, you can add the Rewards Program, Known Traveler Number, and Redress Number.
  4. Pick one of the complementary bundles. Additional packages such as Support bundle, Price drop protection, Flexible tickets, Travel Protection, and Auto check-in grant additional advantages to our customers to save extra money and time.
  5. Choose the form of payment. For your comfort, we accept credit or debit cards or payments in installments through Uplift*.

    * Down payment may be required. Actual terms are based on your credit score and other factors and may vary. APRs range from 0% to 36%. Not everyone is eligible. Loans made through Uplift are offered by these lending partners. See Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

  6. Get a confirmation that your order has been received. Once you have completed your booking, you will receive an order confirmation with Wowfare at the email address provided by you. This email serves as proof that you have successfully made a reservation with Wowfare and it reflects your Passenger(s) Details, Itinerary Details, and Summary of Charges.
  7. Receive a final confirmation with e-tickets. Once your electronic tickets are issued, you will receive an email confirmation which will include the ticket and reservation numbers for each airline you’ll be traveling on. After this happens, you will be able to print the ticket and check the itinerary.


Still need help?

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